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We have a little turtle that has been hibernating through the winter and recently he woke up since it’s getting warmer.

When we first got the turtle we asked Kayden what he would like to name it and he wanted to call him turtle…not the most original name. But Kayden really loved the turtle. Together we taught him the responsibility of keeping the tank clean and about feeding the turtle etc. We were also able to learn a lot about the turtles habitat.

Then winter came and the turtle fell asleep. We taught Kayden about hibernation.

Then like I said, the turtle has woken up and Kayden is overjoyed. To be totally honest I totally forgot all about the turtle. The turtle was more like my wife’s and my son’s pet and I never paid much attention to it. Ha. So when Kayden and my wife were so excited that the turtle was stirring I was like, “What? We still have a turtle? It’s not dead?”. But now I need to start focusing more and reminding Kayden about cleaning the tank and feeding the turtle. It has gotten quite big…I think we may need to get a new tank for it soon.