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Kayden cannot contain his emotions. It is quite funny.

Sometimes if he finishes all his food quickly or if he behaved extra well I will try to reward him with a special little treat.

I will usually try to get him to quietly eat it somewhere else so Sean doesn’t realize. My wife and I don’t give sweets to Sean yet. However even though We don’t give sweets to Sean he knows by Kayden’s reaction that he is receiving something special and delicious. So of course he makes a big stink over not getting one too if he finds out.

Once I was trying to give Kayden a cookie and was quietly trying to tell him about it without rousing Sean’s suspicions. But as soon as I showed the cookie to Kayden he yelled out “YIPPIE! A COOKIE!” and started jumping up and down. Of course Sean figured it out and started wailing about wanting something too. I quickly gave Sean a crust of bread to calm him down and he rejoiced at his good fortune … catastrophe averted. phew.

But Kayden please! Control your emotions and be more discreet. Tx!