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I was watching my son doing his exercises at his swimming class and was worried that he was doing them all wrong. He would be looking at the pool totally spaced out and be doing some motions that they had already finished doing. Then he would look back at the teacher and then realize that he was doing the wrong action and start doing it right only to space out again and start doing something else.

If you could hear my thoughts I would have been reprimanding him telling him to look at the teacher or to focus more on what all the other children were doing or to stop turning around in the other direction etc.

When I looked at all the other children it seemed that they were all doing it properly, but my son was the only one a little off. ha

But then I heard a mother say exactly what I was thinking to a friend. She was saying something like, “oh my. My boy is spacing out again. He’s not doing the right motions. So silly.” And then the friend said, “oh, no. Your son is doing so well look at what my little girl is doing. She is doing it so clumsily.” etc.

Then I realized that probably all the parents were thinking this to some extent. Probably because we are only really looking at our own child and focusing on what he or she is doing. After hearing that I realized that it was true. Kayden was doing the exercises fairly well and didn’t look as spaced out as I had pictured him before in my mind. Probably if I was the teacher and was just looking at the kids as a whole, my son wouldn’t have stood out for doing something wrong then any of the other children. ha!