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Today my wife handed me the chalk again…why? Because the rain that happened yesterday had made kayden’s race track disappear. He was quite distraught over that. So I was tasked with drawing a new one for him. So the kids and I headed once more to the tennis court and I started drawing Kayden a race track…well that is what he thought. When I was finished it looked like this.

This was Kayden’s reaction: “Yay yay! You made it! You made me a big racing tra….. WHAT!? …..Daddy this is a … a … MAZE! Daddy I don’t want a maze!”

LOL! It was a pretty good maze too. It had only one way to get to the goal! nice!

But Kayden wasn’t so happy. So I told him if he completed the maze I would draw a race track for him. Of course he finished it in no time. I wasn’t the great labyrinth master that I thought I was.

So I drew a big racing track just like the one I drew yesterday.

While Kayden played on his new race track I took some time to draw with Sean again. This time I drew my comic characters…Kayboo, Sean and I.

Later Kayden came out of his world of racing and saw the picture I drew and wanted me to draw more picture. I asked him to tell me what he wanted me to draw and I would draw it for him. He asked for a snowman, a frog, a dog and a cat. I used this time with Kayden to spell out the words and to teach him the different phonics sounds that the letters made.

After this I drove Mommy to the station and then had to do a little paper work at the city office. I had to take the kids in with me which usually is no problem, however this time Sean did a big poo in his diaper and man he was stinky. He was also I little cranky because of it and wouldn’t sit down with Kayden. So I had to do some of my business while holding him which made things a little hard. Oh man! I didn’t bring any diapers with me because it was just supposed to be quick trip. Oh well it wasn’t so bad. It was just a little bump in the day.

After getting home and putting Sean to sleep Kayden and I did some school. Mommy got this program on the computer that teaches kids all about music. It teaches kids all about rhythm, beat, sounds, instruments and great composers etc. I can’t remember the name of the program right now… but Kayden really enjoyed it. He really liked listening to the classical music and also trying to clap to the beat of the songs that were played. We learned our “do re mi fa so la ti do” which Kayden knew about, but it was good practice. He also got to see different instruments in the string family (violin, cello etc.).

After Sean woke up and we had our snack we went to the beach to play. While at the beach Kayden was climbing around on the jacks, when somehow his shoes fell off into the ocean water some where in the middle of all the jacks. These were the shoes we just bought! He was devastated and started crying. I quickly helped him down then took my shoes and socks off, rolled up my pants and headed in the water to look for his shoe. The waves were not too strong, but they were strong enough to pull a shoe out to sea. I searched the place where it dropped and all around that area for awhile. Ten minutes after searching I gave up and went back to tell my son that I couldn’t find it. He was crushed.

I told him we could pray that we can find it and he nodded. So we both prayed that if it was the Lords will that we would find his shoe. After we prayed I told Kayden I would look in the water one more time, but that he should probably be ready for bad news. I told him that if we couldn’t find it then at least he could get a new pair of shoes. Kayden is quite a funny boy. He gets quite attached to his things and the thought of new shoes didn’t cheer him up at all. He really liked his shoes and he said that he would like to have his old shoe back. So I said, “well we did all we can. And if I don’t find it now then we will just have to settle with what is left to do.”

So back into the water I went and I visited the same spots that I had just been at, however this time I spotted the shoe being tossed about by the waves in a tight corner in between the jacks. It was hard to reach it, but with some effort I crawled in and managed to rescue Kayden’s shoe. Hurrah!

I was quite flipped out when I brought it to Kayden. We had just prayed and I found the shoe! Kayden was of course very happy and we thanked Jesus together for helping us find his shoe. Then no more then 1 min after finding the shoe Kayden was asked if he could play in the water like I was doing when I was looking for his shoe. So Kayden splashed around in the water and seemed to completely forget about what had just happened…or so it seemed. After it was time to go home and Kayden was sticking on his shoes to go home I heard him whisper happily, “Thank you Jesus for helping Daddy find my shoe!”. Then he turned to me and said thank you. I was very happy!

(Now I know that not all of you reading this are Christians and you could say that this was just chance and maybe it was. There is definitely that possibility. But being a Christian myself, I have to say it was a miracle. I mean I looked for ten min. and couldn’t find it. Then we prayed and not more then 1 min after that I found it.)

After we got home Kayden, Sean and I watched a fun TV show about Science “Sid the Science Kid”. Kayden really liked it and wanted to watch more and more.

So that is how my day went it was both hectic and exciting. Tomorrow I’m sure there will be more fun and challenges waiting. Cheers!