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I was just thinking the other day that kids are a lot like plants…only if you had no idea whatsoever what kind of seed you were holding in your hand when you plant it.

You don’t know what their personality will be like, you don’t know what special needs they may have when they are born, you don’t know how they will look and in my case I didn’t even get to know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. I mean yes we did do the sonogram thing and we did ask the doctor what the sex was, but they couldn’t be sure as every time we went the boys were hiding their thingies…or the doctors were just being jerks and not telling us.

So at both births it was exciting to see if we would get a boy or a girl. I really was hoping for a girl, but each time I found out it was a boy I never felt disappointment because they were just so precious.

Back to the plant metaphor. If you didn’t know what kind of plant you had you would be very careful with how you take care of it. You would research on how to best care for it, but you would also balance what you have researched with how the plant is adapting to what you implement. Every plant is so different. What may apply to one plant, may be devastating for the another. One plant maybe able to survive a more harsh climate where as the other may be more sensitive to it, and so forth and so on. Plants need a lot of consistent care and tending too. You have to be sure to water it just the right amount, fertilize it, shelter it and pull out bad weeds that grow around it.

Also after you have one plant (child) and you think you know it all, along comes another plant that is totally different and unique. Once again you can’t be sure of what to give it and how to treat it. Once again you have to study and learn and adapt to what best suits the new plants needs.It is quite tricky with my kids as they are so different and almost opposite from each other.

And not only do you need to learn to adapt to each of the different children’s needs, but your kids need to learn to adapt to each other as well. Recently there are little jealousy battles between my two sons when the other gets a little special attention. If I praise one child for something, the other will often immedietly try to get my attention by doing something crazy. I’ve been working on teaching my children that just because I show special attention to the other doesn’t mean I care for them one any less. However on the whole my boys get along very well with each other. They rarely fight and/or have clashes with each other.

Anyway I just had that thought pop in my head, “hey kids are like plants” and I decided to write a comic of it…however after thinking about it a bit more I kind of thought that maybe kids are more like a new species of monkey. Because plants don’t jump on you or scream or cry or poop…etc etc. But I won’t open that door and we’ll just say that they are cute little plants for now.