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My wife handed me some chalk this morning when I was going out with the kids, so we out back to the tennis court and I drew a big race track for Kayden.

Ok, well it’s supposed to be a race track, but it looks more like some abstract space worm art. But Kayden loved it and he played on it all morning long. Sean on the other hand was more interested in trying to draw with the chalk. So Sean and I drew some pictures on the ground. It was a nice way to spend our time out side in the morning.

Sean drew some of the hair.

After we drove Mommy off to the station Kayden and I did a little reading. He had to tackle some pretty difficult words in his book today. We are going to have to review these words for sure, but he did quite well in reading all the more simple words.

I also went over the alphabet with Sean and we he is learning his letter sounds too. He really enjoyed the site Starfall where the alphabet and letter sounds in a fun and creative way. It has songs and pictures, just perfect for kids.

After doing a bit of school it was time for Kayden’s swimming lesson. He was very excited to be able to go again.

He looks so Japanese throwing up his little peace sign. ha! He was very comfortable and happy to be there with all the other children. I was able to talk to the teacher today as well and she said that Kayden is one of the most active ones there (duh). She also said she felt kind of bad for him because a hour class seemed too short for him. ha! Yeah, I think so too. He always asks when he can go again when the class is done, and that he would like to swim more.

A funny thing that happened today, however, was when the swimming class is over the kids are supposed to get dressed in the locker room and then come out and see their parents, however Kayden came running out in his bathing suit, soaking wet clutching his swimming bag and towel searching desperately for me in the swimming pool lobby. What!?

I escorted him back to the changing room where the teacher helped him get dressed. I think he got a little confused because last time I went into the locker room and helped him get dressed again. I told him before he went off to class that he needed to try to change his own clothes or ask the teacher for help before he came out, but I guess he forgot and then kind of panicked when he didn’t see me in the locker room waiting for him. oh well. I will try to remind him again about it next time we go to class.

After we dropped Kayden off at the pool Sean and I watched him do his stretches and also part of his swimming training. Sean really seemed to want to go to the pool too. Poor thing. Well in summer we will go to the pool, but he will have to wait till then. Sean also loves the water very much.

Eventually he got bored though and we had to go out. We strolled around the park for awhile while we waited for Kayden’s class to end.

He is so cute in this photo. Like a little cupid. ha!

While we were on our walk the sky started getting very dark and we could hear the rumblings of thunder in the distance. Since there was still a bit of time to kill before Kayden’s class ended Sean and I ran home and got umbrellas just in case.

But the rain didn’t start pouring until after we were all back home. phew. And it was quite a down pour. Poor Sean still wanted to play out side and was quite cranky the rest of the afternoon. I showed him the rain and tried to explain that we can’t go out and play or we will get all wet…however I think that is kind of what he wanted to do.

So it was kind of a cranky afternoon until dinner. They all ate very well and we even made a yummy banana milk shake for our night snack. We went and picked up Mommy from the station and that ends our day! yay!

I’m sure tomorrow there will be more fun and challenges in store. I’m off to bed. Cheers.