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When my wife started work I took up more of the cleaning of the house and organizing the room. I did the same thing when Joanie was pregnant with our kids. However though I can clean the room and make it look nice I can’t seem to organize as well as her. I’m organized enough with my work and papers etc., but when it comes to putting away clothes or organizing the kids belongings etc. I suddenly have no idea where anything is even if I was the one who put it away.

I used to be able to ask my wife where almost anything was and she would have an answer as if she had a photographic memory of the room that she had cleaned. Even if it wasn’t in the proper place she could tell me where she saw it last and it was usually right there. Now, however, I can’t rely on that as much since I am the one doing a lot of the putting things away. What a bummer. I have to start remembering harder where I put things and concentrate more when I clean up. sigh.