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I wanted to do something a little different to break the monotony of a normal comic. I’ve decided that every Sunday I will try to Imagine what my kids may possible become or be like. I hope you will all enjoy these comics as much as the regular ones.

Kayden: Standup Comedian

This one was a no brainer. Kayden is loud and can get quite silly when he gets into it. Everyday he is trying to get laughs. He listens carefully to what adults are saying (got to be really careful around him) and tries to see what makes us laugh and then later on he tries to repeat it to us to get a laugh. He’s very active and expressive. I can totally see him doing this when he grows up. ha

Sean: News Anchor

This one I’m not so sure of. Sean doesn’t talk so I’m basing this purely on how he looks. He has a more serious air about him doesn’t smile too often and seems like he would be good with remembering little details about a situation and delivering them in a no nonsense manner. I was thinking maybe a reporter, but he doesn’t like running around too much and prefers sitting down so I settled with the news anchor. Lol!