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Every now and then my little family is involved with various volunteer projects. Today my wife, the kids and I went with some friends and put on a small show for the elderly folks in a nursing home. We do these kinds of events about every month or so.

The show consisted of a few popular songs about spring time that the old folks knew quite well. Then afterwards the kids, my wife and I came on stage.

We didn’t have much time to practice, but the kids performed a short song. It was a song about being happy, so we took a couple of paper fans and put happy smile faces on them. Then the kids could hold them and wave them back and forth to the music. Kayden had a little jesters outfit on and Sean had a mad hatter like hat. They looked very cute.

Kayden really loved the microphone and he sang the song with all his heart! Sean also smiled a bit, though he was really nervous to be on stage in front of many people. He still waved his smiley fan and needless to say they were a real hit with the grandmas and the grandpas. We also performed “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”. We chose that song because when we are at home Sean will follow along and do it quite well, however he was a little too nervous to remember all his motions and only really got the “nose” part of that song right. ha!

After our song was done I did a little balloon art performance.

Then one of our friends came in wearing stilts! Kayden and Sean were both in awe about this just as much as the audience. They have seen him on his stilts at Christmas too when we went around to different orphanages and nursing homes, but they were staring as if it was their first time. ha! Our friend cracked jokes did performed some magic tricks. It was very entertaining.

Then at the end of the show we passed out a special flower balloon to all the grandmas and grandpas. It was a pink flower like the cherry blossoms that are blooming right now.

Along with this balloon each person got a special card with a picture of Kayden and Sean on it.

The note on the card says, “Take care of yourselves. Continue to be healthy Grandmas and Grandpas!”. It sounds funny when you say it in English, but it’s a sweet note in Japanese and they all really appreciated it. The kids shook hands with each person and some of the grandmas got a little teary eyed. Poor things. Some of these Grandmas or Grandpas are so lonely and rarely have visitors visit them, much less children, so it was real special for them to be able to shake hands and talk with the kids. I’m very proud of the kids. They smiled and blew kisses and shook hands with them very nicely.

That ended our show and the facility staff served us some nice refreshments, much to the delight of my kids.

We will probably go to another facility soon to do another show. Kayden said he is really looking forward to doing more shows like this. He really has a sweet heart. It is really nice that we can spread a little cheer in this small way and I think that it is wonderful that the kids learn that they have the power to make others so happy in this way.