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My wife is seriously Claustrophobic. If she gets into almost any kind of tight space, she just freaks out. That includes elevators…but if the elevator has nice big windows…she’s fine. hmmmm

We once lived in a apartment complex that had a dinky old elevator and my wife would always rather climb the stairs then have to use the elevator. Climbing the stairs weren’t so bad since we didn’t live very high. There were stories of the elevator stopping, but I used it many times and it never stopped on me.

Well one day my wife decided to be brave and use it…and what do you know the elevator stopped working. Of course my wife flipped out! She started yelling for help, but the thing was the elevator only stopped for a couple of seconds, so by the time I had come to the elevator door it was already open and fine. But my wife, who had already ran out of the elevator, grabbed me and was still yelling, “help help I’m stuck!”. haha…ok, it’s not that funny.

I’m an Acrophobic. When I am up high I can not think even if my life depended on it. I have tried to overcome this fear numerous times and with varying levels of success, but I am still definatly terrified of very high places.

Once, actually on our honey moon, my wife and I decided to swallow my fear and go on a huge Ferris wheel with my wife. It was night and the Ferris wheel, which is one of the biggest in Japan, was all lit up and the city lights were tremendously beautiful. It would be the perfect most romantic place to have a date…IF YOU’RE NOT A FREAKIN ACROPHOBE! I was frozen solid. I couldn’t move from my seat. I’m vaguely aware of my wife kissing me and telling me how beautiful and romantic the scenery was, but for the most part all I can remember is starring down from way up high and thinking that for sure (contrary to all logic) that on this day, at this particular moment the Ferris wheel would tip over and fall. Ha!

After you get off you feel like a complete idiot for thinking that, but at the moment you are up there it seems so real.

Well one time we were able to go on a elevator up to the top of a high tower and we took turns being freaked out. My wife in the elevator and me at the top of the building. I couldn’t get near the big windows. But after it is all over we both really enjoyed our time facing our fears together. ha!

What kinds of phobias do you have? maybe you can share it with me and then I don’t have to feel so stupid.