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So Kayden went to his first swimming class today. This was juggled in between some business and paper work that I had to take care of in the morning. Today Mommy left for work a little earlier then usual so I had the kids in the morning as well. It was quite a busy day, but it went much better then I expected.

Kayden’s class started at 3:00. When we got to the pool Kayden just flipped out. He was real excited to get in the water and start playing. But he had a little while to wait before he could get in. First we had to complete the sign up process. There were quite a lot of other kids, maybe 30 or so, so this process took awhile.

Next Kayden got changed and I sent him off with the instructors. I thought Kayden might get a little insecure, but no! He said goodbye happily and just left. I was real proud of him. I’m sure he was a little nervous as he was calmer then he usually is, but he didn’t show any clingyness.  There were a few kids who were really freakin out and afraid to leave their mothers. One boy in particular was really screaming and yelling while clinging desperately to his mother. It freaked Sean out a bit, heck it freaked me out a bit.

After I saw Kayden off I went upstairs where they have big windows so you can see your child learning. I was able to take a few pictures of Kayden from up there. Kayden saw me and he smiled happily and waved.

Kayden had to wait a little while longer as the rest of the kids were still being assembled. I could tell that Kayden was getting a bit impatient to get in the water. He kept standing up and walking toward the pool then he would kind of snap back and realize that he was supposed to be waiting with the other children. He was so eager to get started. Poor thing.

Then came the stretching exercises. And after that they had to split the kids into manageable groups. Kayden was really confused now and I could tell that he was wondering when in the world they would be able to get into the pool. When they finally got to get to the pool it was like 4:00. But they did get to the pool eventually and today their lesson consisted of paddling their feet in the water and splashing around a bit. They jumped up and down in the water and put their faces in the water etc. I didn’t stay to watch it all, since I could see that Kayden was totally fine, and Sean was getting a little restless in there.

I picked up Kayden at 4:30 and the first thing he said to me was, “Daddy I want to come again! When can I come again?” I was real happy to hear that.

I got Kayden a little ice cream surprise to celebrate his first lesson. He was really happy. His next class is next Tuesday and he will have 2 classes a week.

Well that was that. I’m so proud of my little boy. And I’m really happy he enjoys it and he is looking forward to more. Hurrah!