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Kayden will be starting his 2 Month swimming lessons at a big indoor pool nearby.

He really has mixed feelings about it. Sometimes he’s really excited and can’t wait and at other times he is a bit apprehensive and tells me he doesn’t want to go. I guess that is to be expected. This is a big experience for him. I won’t be going in the pool with him (I will have Sean, but I will be watching), he will have a teacher. The teacher will of course be speaking Japanese, and that is the part that I’m a little worried about. Kayden mainly speaks English. But I’m only worried a little, he basically understands everything that is said to him in Japanese and this will only help improve his speaking and listening abilities. Kind of like two birds with one stone. Learn to swim and learn more Japanese. Great.

I’m sure he will do fine. I will most likely write a post later tonight letting you all know how it went.

Go go Kayden! You can do it.