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Today was a rainy day so we had to stay inside. However I was prepared!

Today I had planned to do a ship making project with the kids. We cut up an old milk and juice carton and to make the boat. We used chopsticks for the mast and flag pole and a straw and balloon so that it could move in the water.

I had Kayden choose the design for his sail and flag. He wanted it to be a pirate ship so he chose the jolly roger flag. We gave the jolly roger a little smile to make it a friendly skeleton.

Since Sean’s boat was made from the grape juice carton I chose a grape design for his sail and flag.

Kayden helped me put his boat together while Sean helped in the beginning with the cutting, but I made the rest. The boats turned out really nice.

After Sean woke from his nap he was a bit of a grump, so I took two balloons and drew Kayden and Sean’s comic faces on them and gave it to them to play with. That cheered Sean right up…or was it the snack…whatever, he liked his balloon. Kayden really liked the balloon too and they both enjoyed looking at their cartoon faces on the balloon and throwing it around.

Afterward I filled up the big bath tub and we tried out our boats. the sails were made of paper so they didn’t last long, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. The balloon straw engine worked quite well and propelled the boat quite nicely. I would have liked to try sailing it on a bigger body of water, but it’s hard to find something like that around here.

Kayden also tried on his goggles and practiced putting his head underwater and holding his breath. Tomorrow is his big first day of swimming and he is actually kind of excited about it.

Also today Kayden was really attached to his little stuffed tiger “Shimajiro”. He carried it around all day and was explaining to him everything that he was doing. Even when we went outside to drop Mommy at the station and do a little shopping Shimajiro came with us and Kayden explained to him all about what we were buying and why we needed it etc.
It was very cute and interesting. He has never done anything like this before. He was treating Shimajiro like a little child and helping him understand what was going on in almost the same way I talk to Sean. Ha!

Another great triumph of today, I managed to get the room and house cleaned up quite a bit. Now that Mommy is out most of the day I have to try to do more to keep the room organized and neat. My wife still does quite a bit in the morning before she leaves (she is amazing), but I don’t want her to have to worry about it too much so I’m trying to take on more.

So though it was a rainy day we all had a lot of fun indoors. Hurray!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny weather and I’m sure it will be a fun challenging day as well! Cheers and good night.