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I realized that my son and I would always rejoice when we saw a Police car or Firetruck screaming by, but we would always say “Oh no”, very sadly when a ambulance would go past.

I realized that when we I was young I was always told that Police were chasing robbers (or something like that) when their sirens are blazing and they are zooming down the road. So it was always such a cool thing in my mind! And Fire engines were for heroic Fire men going to put out a fire.But ambulances just carry hurt or dying people.

But now that I think about it, police (in Japan) are usually called to go help when there has been a traffic accident or when some one is hurt.

And when Fire engines are going to go put out a fire, there will probably be people hurt, and if not physically hurt then emotionally hurt by having all their belongings burnt down.

So now I try to be more reasonable when I point out the emergency vehicles with their sirens blaring to my son. I tell him that they are going to go and do important work and that it is very serious business.

Of course my son and I still both think that the fire engine and police car are very cool, but we try to have more reverence for these brave people doing a difficult and sometimes very dangerous job. And we try to pray for the people who may be in harms way due to the emergency that takes the Fire engine, Police car or Ambulance their way.