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Recently Kayden, Sean and I watched some animal documentaries. It was quite fun and we got to learn and discuss about the different animals and their habitat.

However what I was not expecting was Kayden’s reactions after the documentary was finished. He had become a lion in his heart and he was stalking around and every time I had my back turned he would pounce on me, growling viciously. So we played lions that afternoon with him trying to stalk the “zebra” and we got a lot of good exercise out of it.

I remember when I was much younger my younger brother had just watched “The Lion King”. He had also became I lion in his mind and actually tried to bite us older kids while he snarled angrily. At least Kayden wasn’t biting, just clawing like a starved lion.

The video seemed to have no effect on Sean, maybe he is too young to get into it. Or maybe, like I pointed out in my comic, he was just pretending to be a lazy hippo. hahaha

That’s what I like to think.