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Today I took the kids early so Mommy could get some extra sleep. She has been a little run down and needed to tank up on some strength before her big week of English teaching. We ate a nice breakfast of yummy banana bread that Mommy and Kayden had made the other day. Then I prepared a special breakfast so my wife could have some breakfast in bed.

After breakfast the kids and I read some stories together and then we got ready to play out side for a bit. When Mommy was ready we drove her to the station. Unfortunately Sean fell asleep on the way home which meant he wouldn’t be taking a longer nap later.

After coming home we ate some lunch. And since I knew Sean wouldn’t be taking a nap Kayden and I were able to get a lot of school done. We did some reading practice and alphabet writing practice. Kayden is reading better and better everyday. He still is having a bit of trouble sitting still and keeping his eyes on the words, but it is getting a lot better.

After we went out to have some fun in the sun. Kayden had pulled out the little bulldozer and started zooming around happily. I got out the wheel barrel and gave Sean a run around and seeing this Kayden asked if we could race. So Kayden on his little bulldozer and Sean in the wheel barrel with me pushing it started a grand race. The wheel barrel bounced around quite a bit and Sean laughed quite hard. After a good run around we agreed Kayden had won the race…by we I mean Kayden and I. Sean was yelling “I win, I win!” some of the few words he can speak clearly (I’m not joking).

After Kayden wanted to get into the barrel too, so I put him in with Sean and it was the cutest. Running around with both of them in the wheel barrel with them holding tightly to each other giggling all the way. I had to take a few photos.

After wheel barreling around I played catch ball with Sean. He was actually happy to try it out. I would roll the ball to him and ask him to throw it to me and he would actually try to throw it into my hand. He has a pretty good throw for a little guy…but then again he does throw rocks into the ocean quite a bit everyday. It will be so fun to be able to play catch ball with my boys when they are a little older. I remember that is something I really enjoyed doing with my dad.

Oh, and today Kayden’s shoes are officially dead. They have a massive ripped hole and are now completely unusable. It feels like we just bought this pair of  shoes for Kayden and he has already worn them out. He runs around so much that his shoes take such a beating. Oh well, to the shoe store tomorrow.

We had dinner and Mommy came home, but she had a private English lesson to teach so I put the kids down to sleep.

They were both so tired they just crashed out. They are both so adorable when they are asleep…I mean when they are awake too, but when they are sleeping they look so calm and content and calm and peaceful and quiet and calm.

Well I was with the kids pretty much all day, from when they woke up till the time they closed their eyes and I’m tired. It was fun today and sometimes challenging and I’m sure tomorrow will be the same. Cheers and good night.