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You can thank me later for forcing you to view my leg hairs and my sitting on the loo … I took of time making it look as realistic as possible. A lot of TLC went into drawing this.

Seriously though I’m sure all parents who have to take care of the kids by themselves for a day have faced this dilemma. The toilet is like a place of refuge a sanctuary of peace for a small moment of time. A place to catch your breath…not the best choice of words.

And the last thing in the world you want to hear is a cry or shouts of emergency from your kids.

If it is a cry you have to bolt up from the seat and get to the child as fast as you can in a panic to see what is happening! (hopefully you have time to wipe first)

And more annoying still is when you know that there is nothing wrong, but the child will knock on your door constantly asking what you are doing.

“What do you think I’m doing? Writing my latest novel of course!”

I usually stick a video on for the kids so I can do my deed and thankfully my kids will sit very still when watching a video, but there are occasions when they don’t. And that makes for a very constipated Daddy physically and emotionally.

Anyhoo Glad to get that out of me! I feel much more relieved having shared that tasty scoop with you…hopefully you enjoyed it as well.

did you?