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It’s funny how Sean and Kayden both get into their little worlds when they really get into something and shut everything out. Then little things that they aren’t expecting happen and they freak out! Really freakout. Maybe all kids are like that…I don’t know.

I have taken Sean and the cell phone as an example in my comic today because it is the most recent thing that is happening that I can think of that relates to this.

He will be in total peace coloring, drawing or playing with his toys and every time my cell phone rings he freaks out! I have shown him many times that it is just the phone and he has talked on the phone numerous times (actually more like listened to someone talking to him on the phone. He just gets real quiet and breathes heavily concentrating.)and he loves it. But with out fail if the phone rings he comes running to me with wide eyed fear.

Now if I had some heavy metal music or some theme song to a horror movie as my ring tone I would understand the fear, but my ring tones are happy jolly music! And sometimes It’s just on vibrate mode and it just buzzes suddenly and this too will cause the same burst of tears and fears.

Oh well, hopefully soon he will be accustomed to this weird machine that makes noise that freaks him out. I love you Sean…its just a phone.

And funnier still (its only funny after the tears stop) is that the phone noise doesn’t bother Kayden in the least, but Seans sudden outburst of fear really does the trick. Then I have Sean and Kayden wailing at me and I have to answer the phone. Kayden’s teary out burst is much more rare, but it does happen if he is extra tired or really concentrating on something. He also gets that wide eyed terror look and in a moment I have both the kids jumping into my arms.

“Hello, oh hi! Nice to talk to you…that crying? Oh its nothing. Its just that YOU CALLED AND NOW ALL THE KIDS ARE FREAKIN OUT! nothing at all.”

ha! For anybody who does call me from time to time be aware that if it sounds like my kids are crying whenever you call, it’s not because they have been crying all day and they are miserable, its because the phone scared them. I’m sure it’s a phase and it will pass soon.