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This Saturday we went to a big festival. My wife’s co-worker told us that she would be participating in one of the big parade dance that was going to take place and asked her if she would like to come watch. So Joanie, the kids and I went. The festival was quite a big deal first thing we saw was a procession with men dressed in full Samurai armor.

There were also men and women dressed in old traditional Japanese garb riding walking and even riding horses.

We even got to watch a demonstration of soldiers firing ancient muskets. Very cool! Also very loud.

After a nice picnic in the sun we partook in some of the fun at the festival. Kayden especially enjoyed a great big castle filled with air that you could jump in.

There was quite a long line we had to wait in before Kayden could go in. When it was almost his turn he was jumping around and giggling so excitedly. Once he got in he just had such a blast.

Afterwards we played in the big park. Sean had a great time chasing pigeons while Kayden ran all around the park with the hundreds of other children that were there that day. It was really crowded and I am glad no one got hurt.

We watched a group of kids playing the Taiko (traditional Japanese drums) They were very good and my boys loved watching and listening to them play.

After that we went to watch my wife’s friend dance. Not just her, but a whole street full of dancers! They had stopped all traffic on the main road for a big parade of dancing people. It was quite entertaining and a nice way to end the day.

Before going home we stopped at a McDonald for a special treat. We bought a special cherry milk shake. Sean was fast asleep so he missed this whole part, but it was nice that Kayden could have Mommy and Daddy all to himself for a bit.

Today (Sunday) we had a nice picnic with some friends under the Cherry blossom tree. It was very relaxing and the blossoms were of course very beautiful.

It has been a very enjoyable weekend. Ready for another week of fun and more challenges.