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When kids get into the groove of music and start dancing…there is almost nothing cuter. My kids, but I’m sure all kids, love music. They will just start automatically moving their bodies and shaking around.

Kayden has moves! Since he is older he has watched a few dance videos and desperately tries to copy the moves he has seen while adding his own pretzel shaped dance poses.  He really gets into the music! his face changes and his body moves fast and slow according to the beat. He will roll on the floor and jump around. Great way to tucker the boy out! ha

Sean, being a baby and not as experienced, will get a very intense look on his face and concentrate real hard…then stomp stomp stomp. He will occasionally flail his little arms around, but then he loses his balance and his rhythm. From time to time he will watch Kayden and be impressed enough to try it himself. Then we are all treated with Sean either wiggling on the floor trying to spin, or trying to get into one of the twisted poses that his older brother is striking. I’m sure he is trying to be really cool, but for all of us watching, it is just hilarious. However we all praise him and tell him he did well and he is so proud of himself.

If it’s raining and I’m not sure what to do with the kids I just stick on some wild music and the kids tire themselves out. NICE!

And this is my 30th Comic post! hurrah