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First thing you need to know is that my nickname is Michael. Actually I would say it’s more than a nickname now. All my friends and family call me Michael.

Michael is not my legal name. My legal name is Takuya Kawashima. How I ended up with the name”Michael” is simple. When I was very young I had a heart condition that left me nearly for dead. But my parents and their friends are good strong Christians and so they all were praying desperately for my healing.

I had to have open heart surgery to replace a tube that had a hole. I’m not really up on the details since I was very young when it happened to me. The doctors said I would have only 50% or less chance at life if I took the operation and I would have to undergo several more operations afterwards.

However due to (I believe) my parents and friends prayers I made a recovery after only the first operation. I didn’t need any more operations and was full of energy from then on. I had been quite sickly and couldn’t move much prior to my operation.

Anyway my parents believed that the angel Michael was with me during the operation so they gave me another name…”Michael”. From that time on I was called Michael by close friends and acquaintances.

Ok now back to my comic….So since Kayden was able to talk he started calling me Michael. I think this is due to just observing people calling me Michael. But he called my wife, Mommy! It didn’t really bother me at first, but others noticed this very much. Most of my friends would comment saying, ” why doesn’t he call you dad or daddy. It’s quite strange that your son calls you Michael”. All I can say is I’m glad he was a least calling me by my first name. Imagine if he started calling me Kawashima (which is my family name).

But then I started to think about it. All the other kids called their Daddy…Daddy. Why did my son call me by my name instead? It lead to a few insecurities and questions like “am I spending enough time with him?”, “Does he see me as a father figure?”. At the time I wasn’t around him as often as I am now, but I was still with him a fair bit! Anyway this continued for years. One of my friends even made a game of it and whenever he would see Kayden he would ask, “hey Kayden, who’s that?” while pointing to me. Kayden would of course matter of factly say “Michael”. My friend loved this and would laugh so hard.

But I’m happy to say that now he calls me Dad or Daddy all the time. When I first heard him start to say it, it was like music to my ears. ha

He is actually starting to call me Papa sometimes as well, which is the Japanese affectionate way of calling your dad.

I glad to say my second son Sean doesn’t have this problem. He calls me Dada all the time. In fact I am in his top three words he uses most. “banana, mama, DADA!”