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Yup! There comes that inevitable day when your little baby learns to open doors. And then life is never the same again.

Actually there are a few big turning points in a child’s life that make them more difficult to watch.

First comes the grabbing stage. Their little hands are eager to grab whatever is in their reach and stick it into their mouths. That is the first big problem. But still the child can only lay down or sit where you put him, so you can just keep dangerous things out of his reach.

Until phase two comes along: the crawling stage. Now he can crawl around and his sphere of reach has broadened considerably. Oh man! Better baby proof the room you let him crawl in. No small or pointy objects on the floor or low tables. Put a fence around the heater. Make sure the electric sockets are covered. etc etc.

The walking climbing stage comes shortly after. Now almost nothing in the room is safe. You have to really teach them what they can and can not touch (hopefully you have already been doing this). You have to help them wise up before the inevitable 4th stage.

Opening doors stage. Now nowhere in your home is safe. You have to try to keep an eye on your kids at all times, unless you go out and buy little home fences and/or locks. Watch out especially for stairs, kitchen and bathroom areas! And in my child’s case the Toilet!

My son seems to have gotten a lot of what he is allowed to touch and where he is allowed to go. But still just knowing that he can open the doors all by himself now makes you quite uneasy and worried when you don’t have your eyes on him.