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Kayden has recently been learning to ride his bike, but he still uses his training wheels. Sometimes we ride on roads or terrain that has rocks, grass and other little things that make the ride a little bit of a challenge for him. He usually is totally fine and bikes around with out a hitch. However if for some reason his training wheels get stuck or his wheel hits a bump and he can’t get out, my son’s first reaction is to just peddle backward and scream “HELP” at the top of his lungs.

No matter how many times I tell him that he just has to hop off his bike and roll it backwards a bit and then continue riding, he still always sits there and tries to do what he does until I come and calm him down and tell him what to do. Oh well. I’m sure he will learn someday.

Kayden is a kid who does everything he is into with his whole heart. If he is happy, he laughs with his whole heart. If he is sad, he cries with his whole heart. And if he is stuck on his bike, he screams, “help” and peddles backward with his whole heart. MAN! ha.