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My wife “accidentally” shaved my eyebrows off while I was sleeping!?
Why would she do that? I am not happy.

Just kidding! Happy April’s fool day. The last three days have been great fun with my wife at home and the kids as happy as larks. Well it was perfect except  Sean got a high fever last night. His fever has been pretty low for most of today, but he was still a little grouch. I don’t blame him.

Well just wanted to write about what we did for the last couple of days. On Fri. We made some nice cheese sandwiches and headed out to the beach for a lovely picnic.

It was quite wonderful and warm. Kayden and Sean got to do their favorite things. Kayden wanted to play hide and seek so my wife and I would hide among the rocks and kayden would come find us. Sometimes he hid too and mommy or I would find him.

After our lunch mommy and Kayden thought it would be great fun to push me into the water. I managed to get away from them many a time, however their persistence finally led to me stepping into the ocean and getting my feet wet. Ha! Still it was just my feet. I took off my socks and shoes and set them to dry and then I walked in the water with my bare feet. Kayden was thrilled to try this out too, but instead if taking just his socks and shoes off he took his pants and underwater off too. Silly boy!

But in the end we were quite glad he did since he jumped and splashed around so much that if he had his pants on he would have surely got drenched.

Meanwhile sitting all by himself, Sean was throwing rocks…the whole time. Just sitting their seriously and fervently throwing rocks into the ocean. Maybe he thinks if he persists hard enough he can fill the ocean with his little rocks.

So serious.

After playing at the beach for the better part of the day, we went to the athletic course again so Kayden could show Mommy how well he could do all the obstacles.

Needless to say the kids, my wife and I were wiped out after the day was done.

The next day I took the kids and let my hard working wife get a sleep in. Then I made her a yummy breakfast…I’m too kind! Ha My wife deserves it and more.

After my wife got up she decided to write a post for my blog, where she shared some photos of me to show every one my “handsomeness” or whatever. Lol!

Well I was a little ashamed of my hair and felt it didn’t do my handsomeness justice so my wife cut my hair. I really needed it.

I’m not so picky about how I look usually. I’m the type of guy who just looks in the mirror and says, “huh, good enough”.  And I continue to tell myself this for days until I look in the mirror and exclaim, “huh, good enou… Woah what the hell happened to me!? This is definitely not good enough! It’s not even half decent. I look like a freakin yeti!”. After this exclamation or one that is similar I decide that I need a haircut…and then I forget to ask my wife to cut it for another couple of weeks.

Anyways I got my haircut and decided to take a few pictures to show on my blog.

Then I started making silly faces just to see how my hair would look if I changed my facial expressions. It didn’t change much.

Then my artist side kicked in and I had to start decorating my photo. See this is what happens when you have an iPad or iPhone. You take a picture and then you have all these cool apps that let you fool around with your photo and make it look more…artistic.

Later in in the day Mommy and Kayden made some yummy apple crumble. It was very delicious.

Around dinner we noticed Sean was being a little more cranky the usual. We felt his head and put him to bed. He had a 38.5 .c fever. Poor thing.
Today however Sean was up at a unusually early hour and was all smiles. His fever seemed to have subsided quite a bit.

Mommy had 1 English class today so I had the children in the morning. Sean who was so happy in the morning began to get a little cranky again, so bundled him up and took him to sit near the beach to watch the waves and to let Kayden run around a bit. The warm sun and the soothing sound of the beach did the trick and Sean calmed down and fell into a deep sleep.
Mommy’s class ended around 2:00 and we all had a nice lunch together.

We decided that a great way to end our wonderful three day family days was to make a big bond fire and eat our dinner next to it.

Kayden and I collected wood while Sean tried to get a little nap. I got a wheel barrel and Kayden and I went to the beach and picked out a few logs of drift wood. After carrying all the logs to the place where we would make our fire, Kayden asked if he could ride in the wheel barrel. I pushed him all around the forest and he had a real blast.

When it got dark we lit our fire and though the wind was blowing we were toasty warm near our flames. Kayden came dressed up as a shepherd boy. He wanted to pretend that he was taking care of his sheep near the fire. Unfortunately the wind was rather cold so we had to put a coat over Kaydens costume.

After we ate our dinner of curry rice we pulled out some sparklers that Grandma had left with us for a special occasion.

The kids enjoyed the sparklers very much. Thank you Grandma!

Afterwards I pulled out my guitar and we sang some songs by the fire.

Then it was time to put out the fire and get ready for bed. Kayden and I poured water on the fire and made sure there were no burning embers around.

Then the kids got into their pajamas and are now off in dream land.

It was a wonderful three days. Mommy will start work again tomorrow and things will get busy again. The good news is Sean is feeling much better and has no more fever.

I’m sure tomorrow will bring more fun and challenges. Good night all.