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Yet another post about children’s smiles.

So these percentages in the comic are taken from feeling rather than fact. Any parent can tell you that trying to take a nice picture of your children can be a bit of a tricky problem. But I was just thinking back on the days when cameras relied on film instead of the digital ones we have now.

God I would have been wasting so much money buying film. But now in our digital age we can just snap a photo and think, “aw! what a bad shot.” and delete it.

I can just imagine what it must have been like for my parents. Clicking away with their camera not really sure if the pictures they took would really be nice. Then they send it to the developers and come back with more then half of their photos ruined by results like I posted above. Now I can kind of understand the frustration and anxiety that my parents had in their voice when they would call to one of us kids to smile for the camera. It was really a lot of money to buy film and develop it. “Smile! And you had better keep still and smile! If this comes back from the developers and you aren’t smiling no more rice balls for a week!!!”

Amazingly a lot of the pictures I have of me and my brothers and sisters from when we were young are all quite lovely…but I wonder how many thousands my parents threw away?

And I don’t even want to think of how it was like in times even before then. My God! Parents must have never wanted to take photos. oh well. all that to say is I’m glad for my handy digital camera and would be even happier if my kids would turn and give me huge smiles from time to time. But kids will be kids and you got to love them for it.