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Today was quite a busy day with lots of comings and goings…and lots of arts and crafts with the kids.

In the morning I worked on a little sheep project with Sean. First we cut out the little sheep. I would hold Sean’s hands and he would open and close the scissors.

Then we put glue where his wool would be and ripped up cotton together and placed it all around.

We used some old laundry clips for the legs and it was finished! Sean was very pleased with himself and enjoyed looking at it long enough for me to snap a picture.

After this we drove Mommy to the station. Since tomorrow is Mommy’s day off we decided that we would have a picnic. So I took the kids shopping for some things we need for sandwiches.

At the store they had a little stand for photo taking. It is the kind you can stick your head in a whole from the back. The stand was for the Japanese doll festival (hinamatsuri). Kayden stuck his face in and I was able to snap a photo of him.

Today Sean didn’t feel like taking a nap so I let him play with some toys and Kayden and myself started working on a big project.

Kayden had recently read a book in which a boy makes a robot from boxes and rolls etc. and he really wanted to make one. So we got together some boxes and things to build a robot with.

It was a good project and Kayden was able to use scissors and tape to assemble all the parts together. We used plastic bottle tops for eyes and buttons and a cylinder chip box for arms and legs.

Afterwards Kayden drew some batteries in the back and some buttons in the front. It turned out to be quite a cute robot. I asked him what he wanted to name it and he said Transformer robot. He has never seen the transformers movies or cartoons, but had seen the Trainsformer Thomas on youtube which gave him the idea for the name. ha

Then Kayden said we should hide it in the closet to surprise Mommy when she came home.

After we had a little more time before we go out for our afternoon exercise so Kayden and I did some math and number writing. He did very well and sat as still as he could and really concentrated. I was very proud of him. He still needs a bit of practice drawing his numbers, but I’m sure it will be a snap for him. We also reviewed our odd and even numbers together. Mommy had already taught Kayden about odd and even numbers, but he needed a little refreshing in that area.

We spent the rest of the afternoon out in the sun running, jumping, climbing and wrestling around. It was quite fun and we all got some good exercise. I’m tired! ha

We ended the day by picking Mommy up from the station and now I think the kids are fast asleep. Kayden had a lot of good exercise so he should be tired and Sean didn’t take a nap, so they should all be sleeping.

Well tomorrow will be a fun day with Mommy and we’ll have a nice picnic.

More fun and challenges waiting for me tomorrow. Good night.