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This really happened.

It was with our first son.

My wife who had hardly had any emotional roller coasters during her first  pregnancy really went for a ride after the baby was born.

She would be really happy and then a few min. later would be really sad. At one of her sad moments she looked at our new born son who was only a day old and started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she answered, “He’s getting so big already! I don’t want him to grow up so fast. I want him to be a baby forever!”.

I tried to comfort her through my held back laughter. But as I think about it more, I also feel the same way. Kayden is now 4 years old and I look at him (and Sean) and know they won’t be kids for long. And when that thought hits me I too feel a little sad. I can count quite a few moment in my time with the kids that I wish I could just freeze time and make it last forever.

But then again I also look forward to the new memories and moments we will share together. There will be new challenges and new stories to tell.

Cherish your time with your children. It won’t last forever.