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Kayden really loves his Mommy. We found a good way for him to express his love for her in a special way. We created a little mailbox (some of you may already know of this from my other post). Mommy would write a little letter to Kayden before she left for work and Kayden could write a letter for her to read when she comes home.

It helps Kayden express things that he wants to tell Mommy and also helps him get creative as we don’t want all the letters to be the same. It is also a good tool to teach him writing and reading.

This is Mommy and Kaydens most recent letters to each other.

From Mommy. She wanted me to let everyone know that she was in a hurry when she drew this picture. She can draw better then that if she tried…hehe

A picture of Mommy. Those are babies in her tummy. There are three. hahaha

Mommy was a bit surprised, as was I , when Kayden explained the picture. My wife is not pregnant and definitely not with triplets. hahaha

“Thank you for being a good woman”. Kaydens words, not mine.

We really do miss Mommy when she goes to work and we don’t see her, but this Friday she has off, so we will be able to spend Fri, Sat and Sun with her. Yay!