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Has any other parent…or person ever notice how fuggly kids fake smiles are. You know sometimes you tell your children to smile for a picture and so they turn to give you a face that in their heads (I’m sure) is everything they think you want. But the reality is they look constipated or something.

It feels like that for me sometimes. In the above post I used Sean, but Kayden has his ugly smile moments (as I’m sure we all do).

Sean in particular though has a really hard time smiling. He doesn’t smile very often and it looks like he is always thinking deep thoughts or he’s bored. But sometimes if you ask him to smile he will try his best to please you. One time he really tried to give it his all and smile real big, not because he was happy, but because we were begging him too. So sweet! Trying to please his Mommy and Daddy. But the smile that came out was so weird looking. It looked like he was angry, constipated and yet his eyes were smiling. My wife and I couldn’t help ourselves and started laughing hysterically. Then thinking he did a good job he actually did smile a genuine smile. Sean’s smiles are to die for. So cute!

I guess as you grow older you look at yourself in the mirror more and practice your smile till it’s not so weird, but with kids you get to see the faces you would probably make if you didn’t know how you looked when putting on a smile. haha