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It’s funny how boys and grown up men alike will always think of a sword when holding a long stick in their hands.

Kayden and I used to always play pretend fighting on the beach with our twigs and branches (not so much anymore) and that is what inspired this comic. I thought it was funny that one time in the heat of the play sword fighting Kayden got this really aggressive look on his face and picked up a stone to throw at me.

I of course stopped the game immediately and told him we can’t throw rocks and that it is dangerous and can hurt other people. But then I realized…so can sticks. Ha. So I haven’t been encouraging sword fighting with Kayden anymore. If he wants we will play a little but I make sure it doesn’t get too intense for him. I can just imagine how he must feel being so small and trying to sword fight with an adult. He must of felt his only option was to keep his distance and hurl something at his larger opponent. ha!

BTW! This is my 20th Comic! hurrah for me! I will show every one the site stats on my 50th Comic post!