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Today Kayden got a bit of a bloody nose. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. We were playing on the beach and Kayden was climbing some rocks when he jumped down in front of where Sean was throwing rocks. Just as Kayden landed Sean had thrown a rock and it hit him right in the face. Sean is not strong (Maybe for a 1 year old he’s strong. I don’t know) so it didn’t hurt Kayden too much, but it did give him a nasty bloody nose. Because of the bloody nose it looked horrible. So I rushed him to the beach to wash some of the blood off his face. Sean came toddling behind us and as I was focused on washing Kaydens face I hadn’t noticed Sean walk too close to the waves. A wave rolled in and Sean lost his balance and fell in the water. Aw man! He wasn’t injured at all, just a bit wet and shocked by the cold. Kayden started cracking up at this and that set his mood right again. But that was the end of our morning outing.

After we got home I put some tissue in Kayden’s nose which had Sean really interested. I tried putting some tissue in Sean’s nose, but he refused. I thought it would have made a cute photo. too bad.

Did some more reading with Kayden. He is really improving. He has a lot of the words memorized by sight which is really good. One problem with that though is that he gets similar looking words mixed up often. For example “took” and “look” etc. I had to get him to really slow down and see what letters there were in the word before he just scans over it and makes a decision on what the word is.

Oh and I made a chart for Kayden’s school time. His “control your body” chart. Basically if he can manage to sit still and not wiggle around constantly then he gets to move one space on his chart. When he gets to the top he will get a special prize. This worked really well for him today and he kept his body still…enough…and was able to read much more smoothly. I’m really proud of him. We read four whole books today.

In the afternoon Kayden wanted to return to the athletic course we found the other day. Today was a little more challenging because Grandma wasn’t there to watch Sean. But Sean was actually very happy to run around and was more enthusiastic to climb around then I had expected. We had a lovely time, us three. Kayden did most of the athletic obstacles by himself this time and did a splendid job. Sean contented himself to following us when he couldn’t do the obstacles and was also very interested in all the tree bark and shrubbery that was all around in that forest. I was able to snap some great pictures of the kids and of our beautiful surroundings. The after noon sun is just so beautiful and the forest was very green. It was a very peaceful and dreamy atmosphere.

On the way home we passed by a large smokestack and had the idea to take a picture to look like Thomas the tank engine. At first Kayden was too embarrassed to try it and only wanted Sean to have his photo taken, but after telling him that Mommy would really like to see him as a steam engine he consented. Then he really had fun and wanted to take many pictures. Too cute!

The sun was setting and it was getting cold, actually it is still pretty cold even though its supposed to be spring. But the weather is warming up slowly. Took some last pictures of Fuji, the beach and the sun setting before heading home.

It was fun day and I know tomorrow will be fun and full of challenges as well.