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This comic was inspired by an event that happened not too long ago.

One day Sean seemed really eager to get out the door (not unusual) and get in his bike and go somewhere. But of course there was the daily routine of eating breakfast, cleaning the room and getting dressed. He is was quite impatient when it came time to go outside. He paced back and forth in front of the door waiting for everyone to get their move on.

Finally we were off and he was in the best of moods. I asked Kayden where he wanted to go for our time out and he said the park. Just the regular park. So off we went. Sean was still in a good mood at this point. Then right when we got to the park you could see the color change in his face. He went red and let out a explosive cry of rage. I tried to comfort him and get him to play with the different toys that were available, but no such luck. He would only stomp angrily toward the direction of the ocean.

So I figured he wanted to go to the beach to do his usual “sitting-down-throwing-rocks-into-the-ocean” thing. I asked Kayden if it was alright to go to the beach and although he didn’t want to, he accepted seeing how grumpy Sean was (Kayden is real sweet like that).

At the beach, of course, everything was right as rain for Sean. He happily threw rocks and was at peace again.

Made me wonder how a child might perceive the things he wants to do. I remember a little of when I was a kid, the things I wanted to do and the places I wanted to go, were the world to me. It wasn’t just a ordinary beach or park, it was a magical place where stories and action took place. I have a pretty big imagination.

So I drew this comic where the beach is some kind of heavenly utopia for Sean, though I have no idea what he is actually thinking. But I’m pretty sure he was thinking about the beach all day long and was super disappointed when we didn’t go there.

It will be nice when he learns to talk and express himself more so I will know just what he is thinking… or will it?