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Today Grandma went back to her home which isn’t really close to here. Last night we all spent an extra special evening with Grandma. We decided to have some ice cream and play some fun games. Kayden chose the games and we played Twister, hide-and-go-seek and blind-man’s-bluff.Daddy, Mommy, Kayden and Sean played twister. Grandma spun the … spinner.

Sean was out first. He gave it his all, but he was a doomed to lose from the beginning. Being only 1 and a half, he was at a huge disadvantage. Then Daddy (me) got out. I have no excuse.

Kayden and Mommy battled it out to the bitter end. Kayden was the victor…though I’m pretty sure we were bending the rules for him quite a bit. ha!

We played hide and seek next with Grandma started as “it”. Hiding in a little house is actually quite challenging and she found all of us fairly quickly. Mommy was hiding in the shower room, I was hiding in the bed (I think I’m naturally really bad at games) Sean was in the washing machine (it was more of a joke then an actual hiding place and mommy was keeping an eye on him) and Kayden was hiding in the coat closet. Kayden was the winner of that game as he was found last.

We played the game again, but this time Mommy and Kayden were going to be “it”. Basically it was just Grandma and I hiding (Sean can’t really hide that well). I hid under a large table and it took quite long for Kayden to find me, so I made some funny noises to help him. He found me quite quickly and was laughing joyfully about his victory. Then we all started looking for Grandma, but it was actually really hard. We looked in all the places that we thought an adult could fit. We eventually found her in a tiny space in the closet, that any adult would be quite uncomfortable in. Good one Grandma we all have new respect for your hiding abilities.

We played a quick game of blind mans bluff and once again Grandma proved herself to be a woman of true stealth. Once when Mommy was blindfolded and was trying to find her she came within inches of Grandma, but Grandma stood so still and quite that Mommy never even found her. ha.

I made a special card for Grandma made from a picture we took with the kids.

As you can see I had to change Sean’s face because in the original he was looking quite annoyed that we pulled him away from his play to take a picture. haha!

That concluded our last night with Grandma.

The next morning we all decided to see Grandma off to the bus terminal. To get there we would need to catch a ride on a train. So while Mommy and Grandma prepared her stuff I took the kids for the morning.

I did some math with Kayden on the iPad. We used a app called Adding Apples. I think this app is very good as it lets you count the apples one by one in a very fun way. The only down side I think is that it doesn’t have the option to line the apples in a straight line to make it more clear how many apples you are adding. Also the numbers only go up to 9, but for beginner addition it is very cute, well made, engaging and helps the kids get the concept of addition very well.

If you own an iPad I would recommend this app for your children.

Then after I took the kids out side to play a bit. I dressed the kids in matching clothes as I knew we would be taking some pictures with Grandma before she left. They look so adorable with matching clothes! Awww! I kept trying to get Kayden to stand next to Sean to take a picture, but he said, “today is my day and I don’t need to take pictures!”…WHat!? Who said it was your day? Whatever. I managed to snap some pictures of them together.

Not the best photo, but there is more coming.

Before we went of to the station we took some photos with Grandma and the kids and Mommy too. It was nice bright weather, though the forecast was rain and clouds, so we got some nice cheery photos.

Then after much hustle and bustle we were all finally ready for our big trip of taking Grandma to the bus terminal.

We hopped in a friends car and drove off to the station.

Kayden and Sean have both been on trains before, but it had been quite awhile so it was quite a special event. There was a lot of new things to see and experience.

At the station we found a big wheel that old steam engines used to use. Kayden was really excited about this as he is really into Thomas the Tank Engine.

Then we went into the station and bought our tickets.

I asked Kayden if he knew how to buy tickets…

He didn’t….so I showed him how.

It may look like Sean is really interested in or desiring to eat the ticket that is in his hands, but the truth is he is just yawning. This was nearly 1:30 and that is usually his nap time.

Then we took a photo in front of the entrance to the train platforms.

It looks like Kayden is still trying to grasp how buying a ticket works.

On the train platform we waited patiently for the train to come.

Behind Sean and Mommy you can see the time the train will be arriving.

(above) Looks like Kayden finally figured out how buying tickets works!

Waiting for the train is a solemn and serious time. It is a time of deep contemplation and self evaluation…or so it would appear if you looked at our boys as they waited for the train. They seemed so intense.

And finally the train arrived. Now for Kayden this was all very exciting and wonderful, but for Sean stepping onto the train was a heart breaking moment. I may have mentioned before that Sean just loves the outdoors, so to him he thought of going in the train as going indoors and it made him very sad (He was also tired so he was kind of cranky). oh well. But after he was able to look out the window he cheered up again.

Yes he cheered up again…but not enough to smile, apparently.

We got to the right station and went to find the right bus terminal for Grandma’s bus. We found it without much problem. It was a big blue bus and Kayden was very pleased.

Kayden’s faces in today have been hilarious. I keep laughing even as I’m sticking them in this post.

Grandma’s bus was going to leave right away so there was only time for a quick good bye. We really did have a wonderful time, like we always do, when she comes over. Kayden, Sean, Mommy and I will miss her very much. I hope she comes visits again soon.

After Grandma left we found a nice park to eat our lunch and have the kids play around for a bit. We had a real fun time.

After our play time we got back on the train and headed home. Sean fell asleep in the train. He had stayed awake till nearly 4:00 which is about 2 and half hours longer then when he usually takes his nap. But he had so much fun he didn’t even get fussy and whine. He just quietly put his head on my shoulders and dozed off to sleep. So sweet.

When we got to the station a friend was there and offered to drive us home, but Kayden had really wanted to try to take the bus home. So Mommy and Sean went home but Kayden and I took the big red bus!

What a goof Ball!

And that kind of concludes our big travel adventure day. We didn’t go far, but I am really wiped out. I can’t wait to go to bed. It was a fun day for all of us.

This feels like the longest post I have ever written, but it could just be because I stuck a whole bunch of pictures in here. However if you made it this far to read this, Congratulations! Have a wonderful day or night depending where you are and when you are reading this. Cheers.