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Kayden moves so much when he is doing his school. I think he is trying to use his body to think. His body seems like a big brain organ twisting around trying to find the answer. haha

I’m trying to teach him to sit still while he does his school, but it is really hard. I know that some teachers recommend letting your child learn the way they feel they learn the best, but I know for a fact that he does not get the answer when he moves around like a jumping jelly bean. Honestly, I tried it. I let him move around while he tried, and I tried to get him to come up with the answer. Did not work. So now I am going to try to help him sit still while we are doing the math problem in front of him. Once his body stops moving I have found he knows the answer and he can do it very easily.

Sigh. I have been told from my teachers in the past that I was the same. I just couldn’t stop moving and I would wiggle all over the place…but I turned out all right…TRUST ME I TURNED OUT ALL RIGHT!

I’m sure my son will be just fine and it is actually very entertaining to watch him wiggle around. In the comic I drew him upside down…that is no joke. He really does go upside down and does weird somersaults etc. ha

It is really adorable, but we must learn! We must make progress in our school. SO STOP MOVING!