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Seriously though, keeping Sean out of the toilet is a real hassle. The toilet is one of those traditional Japanese squat toilets (I hate those) so it is just perfect for Sean to go splashing in it. We have to always take careful measure to close the door. If there is even a tiny crack open he will get in and splash splash splash.

The above comic is based on what really happened. Right after we took him out of the toiled downstairs and washed his hands, my wife and I started talking about some business matter. Then Kayden came running up to us laughing (he always seems to be laughing when Sean is doing something he shouldn’t) telling us that Sean had gone upstairs and was playing in the toilet there. ARGH! I guess we should have been keeping a better eye on him.

It is really tough to tell a child that you can play in the sink and the bath tub, but not the toilet. I bet to him it is all the same thing. We are trying, however, and of course will continue to try. As will he I’m sure.