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We had another fun day with Grandma today and this time the sun was out in full force and it was a lovely day. Well the wind was blowing quite hard occasionally, but it was still a nice day.

The kids had breakfast with Mommy and Grandma. Grandma made a healthy oatmeal breakfast for us all. It was very nice. During breakfast Mommy and Kayden made a funny little man using a turnip and some toothpicks. It was very cute and Kayden and Mommy came all the way upstairs to show me and have me take a picture of it.

Later on in the morning I took the kids so Mommy could prepare for work. I did some school with Sean which consisted of drawing lines and finger painting. Mommy took a picture of us at work.

Ok…So maybe I was the only one into it. Sean looks awfully bored.

After we went to the beach (because Sean wanted to go) with Grandma and we threw rocks into the water. (hmmm these posts are beginning to sound very repetitious)

But! Tada! Today was a holiday and they were also having a special event very near our house. A brass band was going to be there and we could hear them play and then we could even try to play some of their instruments. Very fun.

So we headed back and had our lunch. During lunch Kayden started having a laughing fit watching Sean eat his banana. It was quite funny how Sean would just stuff his face with as much as he could fit. But I thought Kayden’s fits of laughter was even more funny!

After we had our lunch and headed out to “face the music”…I meant that in a good way.

It was very nice and the band played very well despite the wind blowing their song sheets down every once in awhile. I videoed two of the songs for Mommy to enjoy too.

After the band played their music Kayden was able to try out some of the different instruments like the tuba, trumpet and the clarinet! He was really thrilled and it was quite fun to watch him turning red in the face blowing these big instruments.

Unfortunately Sean had fallen into a deep sleep while listening to the music being played. So he missed all the commotion Kayden was making with these different instruments.

Later that day we walked to a different park that we call the octopus park. Why?!

If you look at the pictures below you can see why we call it that.

Its funny, but they seem to have these same type of slides all over Japan! In the last place we were living they had a park with a slide in the same bizarre shape. How did that get popular? Looks like something out a horror novel. Anyway the kids don’t seem to mind…and when I was a kid I remember not minding either (I think these things were made and designed when I was a kid). All the kids could think of was sliding down all these different slides! Kayden made some new friends at the park, three little girls, and they played tag and hide-and-seek. He shared some of his snack with them and they really enjoyed themselves running and hiding. Sean was quite content too, just sliding and throwing his ball around.

We had a lovely bike/walk back home and Kayden got some good practice learning how to bike on the road and watch for signs.

When we got home Kayden and Grandma helped a friend with raking up pine leaves from the drive way. Kayden really put his all into the task and was a real big help! Good job!

We ended our day with picking Mommy up from the station! The kids and I were really happy to see Mommy again and now they are ready for their sleep. They had quite a busy and fun day doing so many different things.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. It will bring more fun and challenges I’m sure!