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Sleeping with kids in the room is a real trip. It’s not like the above comic every night obviously, but it give you a good idea of how busy a parent is at night.

The funny thing is that sometimes you adapt to where you are able to take care of the kids in a “still asleep” mode. When you wake up in the morning it can be a bit disorienting to wake up either not in the bed you thought you were sleeping in, or sleeping all by yourself, or worse squished all together in the same bed while practically falling off the side.

Just this morning I woke up all alone and was thinking to myself, “Hey boys! Stop hogging all of Mommy! Let her sleep with me in peace for a change. Huh, how about you try that?!” Of course they didn’t hear me for they were all sound asleep and I was talking to myself in my head.

So it’s pretty crazy with all this bed movement (and not the kind I like if you know what I mean), but I guess things won’t always be like this and they will grow out of it some day.

When I do wake up and see one of my sons sleeping peacefully next to me I always am thankful for them and think they look just angelic in their sleep.