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Something I found a little troublesome when you have two kids (I’m sure it just gets harder when you more then that) is there is always the “my turn now” trap.

Most of the time I don’t really mind, but when I was doing toss up with Sean, of course Kayden came around and said it was his turn. Not able to tell him, “no! Sorry just sean”, I picked him up and started throwing him…but he is getting so HEAVY!!

Then Sean comes and wants to be thrown again and after that Kayden again…till I have to finally tell them that DADDY IS TO WEAK TO KEEP THROWING YOU!!!

I guess I do get a good work out from doing this (or a bad back), but someday I fear I will have to tell my eldest that he is just too big for me to throw him anymore. That will be kind of sad.

So I guess that is the problem with having two or more kids, they will never be totally equal and sometimes you will have to tell one of them they can’t have or do something that the other can. I have 7 brothers and sisters so I know this dilemma well. I just hope I will have the wisdom to make sure things are pretty equal between them and there will be no rivalry.