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So another day has gone by and the kids are happy and accident free. Hurrah!
I took the kids around 11:00 again and we went out to the beach. I guess kids don’t get tired of doing the same thing over and over again, because that is what we did. Sean threw rocks in the pool while Kayden ran around on the rocks and getting his shoes, socks and pants wet. I have decided to try and stop going to the beach for awhile just so I don’t get more laundry to do.  The water is also ruining Kayden’s shoes, but he loves to play by the beach so much. It’s too cold for flip flops and we don’t have boots either.
Oh! The kids and I learned a new word recently…Galoshes. I had never even heard of the word before. So I looked it up in Wikipedia.

Galoshes (from French: galoches), also known as boat shoes, dickersons, or overshoes, are a type of rubber boot that is slipped over shoes to keep them from getting muddy or wet. The word galoshes might be used interchangeably with boot, especially a rubberized boot. Properly speaking, however, galoshes are synonymous with rain boots often reaching heights just below the knee. -via wikipedia

So I think Kayden has a serious need for galoshes.

Mealtime was uneventful. Sean is eating much better. I think it was his teeth bothering him when he didn’t eat. He was still very particular and demanding of what he wanted to eat and in what order, but I think it will probably be like that the rest of his life.

Sean went down like a light for nap and unfortunately so did I. Uh oh! Mommy is not going to be happy to hear this, but I missed giving Kayden his school. He watched Magic School Bus while I was asleep so he got a little educational input…I hope.

This afternoon Kayden’s friend was supposed to come over so after I got up I was cleaning the room and straightening things up. He ended up not coming. But at least the room is clean.

So the kids and I went out on a walk with our bikes and we went to the painful rock path. Near our house there is a park and museum and it’s called “Discovery Park”.  They have a big building with a planetarium and other interesting do-dads, a indoor swimming pool where Kayden has signed up to take swimming classes soon and a path of rocks that is supposed to make you healthy, but feels like its ripping out the soul and soles of your foot out.

Basically what it is, is a bunch of rocks on this little pathway that push the pressure points of your feet. There are all different rocks to make sure you experience all the different kinds pain this foot killing path has to offer. They have a whole bunch of little rocks, huge rocks, rounded rocks, sharp rocks etc.
All in all it is a very unpleasant experience to put it gently.

However my son insists on walking on this path if we walk by the path.  It doesn’t bother Kayden very much and he almost runs on the path. I have told myself that I will walk the path if ever Kayden asks to go on it since it is supposed to be healthy. But I have to lead Sean along (he wears his shoes) or carry him sometimes (which adds weight pushing me harder on the rocks) and this makes the whole journey very agonizing. But I have noticed today that it is not as painful as when I first walked on it. And the best part is when I get off the rocks it actually feels like I’m walking on carpet.  Cool!

Grandma (on mommy’s side) is going to come visit tomorrow, and since Grandma is of German decent (though she is American) and likes to teach Kayden German we decided to learn a few words of German to tell her. We learned how to say eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

I don’t know if I got the pronunciation right as I don’t speak any German, but we have this iPad app that teaches the basic German words and sounds it out for you. That’s what we copied from. Ha! We’ll see if we got it right tomorrow.

Then we built a huge train track and had play time till dinner.

And that pretty much sums it up. Tomorrow is Saturday and mommy has no work and Grandma will be coming over, so we’ll be spending our time as a happy little family all together! Hurray.