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Ok its my time to give an account of my days doings.
I took the kids around 11:00 today and we went out to the beach again (Kaydens request) . Sean threw rocks in the water as usual, but Kayden had a sudden desire to look for hidden treasure…where this idea came from is beyond me. I asked him what treasure we were going to be searching for today and he said that it was a golden treasure. So he gave me a long stick and said that it was a magic stick that would lead us to the treasure. He held a little stick which he said was his shooter. And this is how we searched for this mysterious treasure.

We climbed over rocks and threw rocks in the water. I asked kayden how throwing rocks into the water helped us find treasure and he said that it was magic. I nodded my head and just obeyed. Didn’t want to break the spell of whatever was going on. Then just as suddenly as the treasure hunt began…it ended. I guess the magic failed. He got interested in something else and that was that. During the later part of our time out side, I began to do my exercise. I haven’t worked out in ages, but I’m trying to get back into shape. As I was doing my set of pushups Kayden came around and (of course) decided to sit on me. I did a few pushups with Kayden on my back, but it was excruciating.

We came home and had lunch. I just had to video Sean saying “no” when being offered food. It was too cute. He settled on eating his oatmeal in the end.

Then Sean went down for his nap. Nap time for Sean is school time for Kayden. We were going to do some more reading today.
Today Kayden was a little more concentrated then yesterday, but he still had trouble with keeping his eyes on the words. I tried covering the pictures so he wouldn’t “guess” what was happening and that helped a little. Right now I think that an important lesson he needs to learn is to control his body. His mind wants to focus, but somehow he just naturally starts moving and jumping or whatever. So I told him how important it is to learn to consciously think about how you are moving your body and take more control. I’m thinking of making a chart where he will get a special point if he can get through the class while keeping calm and controlling his actions.

Sean woke up in between our class again and so I had to resort to putting a video on for him as I finished Kayden’s class. Sometime during the class Sean took all of our slippers and threw them all around. So I had hi, clean it up. He did it really well like he had experience. Then I realized he must have done this with mommy before and mommy has him clean it up and now he thought it was a game.

Well Sean was very distracted in seeing himself as I was Kayden was videoing him, but usually he did the first few ones really well. It’s so cute how he applauds himself after he does it.

We went out for second outing in the afternoon. I persuaded Kayden not to go to the beach, because he has been getting his socks and shoes wet almost every time. He agreed a little reluctantly, but was happy once we got our bikes out. At the park we played on the slide and I did a little catch ball with Kayden. He can’t catch a small ball yet, so we threw a pretty big ball to each other. I had him try to catch it without letting it fall to the ground.

oh and at the park today Kayden started using the word chicken too. Ha! I have no idea where he got that word from either, but he was calling me chicken for not going up the slide with him. I asked him what being a chicken is and he told me that I (daddy) don’t like going on roller-coasters so that makes me a chicken. Ok……He’s right I don’t like roller-coasters. And his explanation is pretty solid. Being chicken is being scared and cowardly to try something. But I have gone on a roller-coaster! So I am not CHICKEN!!!
It would have been a pretty uneventful outing, just playing on the slide, swings and monkey bars had it not been for the accident that happened next.
My poor baby Sean was throwing dirt into Kayden’s bike like he usually does, somehow, he pulled the bike down on top of himself. A sharp part of the bike fell on Sean’s head scrapping it pretty badly. It started bleeding, not a lot, but what parent ever wants to see any blood. I washed it with a nearby faucet to get the dirt out and dried it. Then we rushed home. I washed it again with warm water and carefully put a band-aid on his head. He cried a little when the bike fell on him and also when I washed it, but other then that he was very brave and barely cried.
Still it broke my heart to see him in pain. But bumps and scrapes are part of life and something we all have to live with. I’m very thankful it was nothing more serious.

Today was supposed to be Kayden’s science study time, but I was pretty preoccupied with Sean, but I did manage to show him a few short videos about bacteria, elephants and the desert courtesy of brainPOP and the magic school  bus. I wasn’t able to explain much to him though. I felt sorry, but comforting Sean was more important t that time.
Dinner went by with out to much fussing from Sean and they both ate very well.

So that pretty much wraps up my day. Tomorrow will bring more fun and challenges I am sure. (Hopefully no more accidents!)