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This is my 10th Comic and 24th post. Thank you to all for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

My blog has been viewed 567 times. Most views in one day is 92.

I was nominated for a Kreative Blogger Award, which I didn’t accept (somehow I’m not so into them). But I want to thank Blogger Egbento of Eric’s Margin (he’s just a guy who always wanted to be a magician) for nominating me! His comics are quite funny, check them out!

Here are the 3 most popular posts so far according to likes. (taken from likes on WordPress (WP) and Facebook (FB))

1. The Chase (Likes! WP:3 FB:17)

2. Sweets (Likes! WP:6 FB:1)

3.The Bird (Likes! WP:5 FB:1)

Japanese girls go gaga (Likes! WP:5 FB:1)

Ok…So not the most impressive stats, but it’s a start. Ha! If you like a post remember to click like.

I have a lot more coming…I guess as long as my children are doing crazy and lovable things! Thanks again for reading!