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Just for the record I will say that the above comic is an extremely exaggerated. But still it was a funny thing Kayden said when he was eating some chips for his snack.

He smiled at me with his mouth full of chips and said, “Daddy, I’m so happy we don’t give junk food to Sean because it is bad for him”. I was like,”…and it’s good for you?”

Another funny thing Kayden said once when mommy asked what he had for snack was, “Daddy always gives me lots of junk food.”

I DON’T!!! I gave him “a” chocolate cookie that day. Granted it was before bed…which made him very hyper. But still…..

Anyway I have decided that it is better if Kayden had healthier snacks so I have been giving him bananas and oranges, which I’m very happy to say, he likes just as much. Of course occasionally I will still give him a special snack, but not as much. Maybe just a quarter of a cookie from now on. HA!

Kayden never really had a problem with wanting sweets though. Even ice cream he will eat his share and then will say that he doesn’t want more.

Sean on the other hand I am afraid will really love sweets and may only want to eat that for awhile. So we are not going to give it to him anytime soon. ha!