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Today my wife had to go to work extra early as she had a private English teaching lesson to do. So I took the kids from when they woke up, which was around 8:30.
Today’s breakfast…and indeed most breakfasts, was egg in a hole. Egg in a hole is Kayden’s favorite thing to have for breakfast for some reason. For those who are unfamiliar with what egg in a hole is, it is just a piece of bread that you make a hole in and then as you fry the bread in a frying pan you crack a egg in the whole.  Simple and nothing really special, but Kayden loves it. Every day I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he will say, “egg in a hole, please”

In the morning before our play time out in the sun, I did some flash card reading with Sean and Kayden. We reviewed our phonics sounds and words.

The weather today was very fair and the sky and the ocean were a stunning blue. It was very nice and warm as well. I didn’t have to bundle the kids up as much as I did the other day. I guess it means that spring is almost here! I sure hope so.

We found a very big puddle on the beach that the boys could play without the worry of waves splashing them and getting them wet. Sean had a blast throwing rocks into it and Kayden played in the sand with his truck.
It was really beautiful and so so blue.

After lunch and putting Sean down to sleep for nap Kayden and I did a little school. In math Kayden is currently learning his addition and subtraction. We focused on Addition today.  I found this app for the iPad where it teaches math in a really fun way.  The app is called”Everyday Mathematics: Top it“!

It was a little challenging for him at first. He had a hard time getting his mind into it and focusing on the counting to get the right number. I finally found some rubber bands to use in our counting to help him see the amount he had and the amount that had been added. That worked a little better and he was able to answer the questions a little more smoothly. Still I think there is definite room for improvement here.

Sean also woke up half way through our school time (he doesn’t seem to sleep for so long these days) so it was also a challenge to keep Sean occupied and continue to teach Kayden. But it worked out ok!

Then we had a little snack before our second time out side. We ate our snack out side of the house on a cute little bench. The two of them sitting together eating was just precious.

Our time outside went by without a hitch and before dinner I wanted to fit in some reading practice with Kayden. Kayden really has a desire to learn, but his body has a deep desire to move everywhere. When doing school with Kayden the hardest thing to do is to get him to sit still long enough to make a little progress. While reading he did sit pretty still, but his eyes would look at everywhere but the words he was supposed to be trying to sound out and read. The book we are reading has nice big pictures so he would be looking at the picture and instead of reading would makeup what he thought the words were going to say based on what he was looking at with his eyes. The sentence we were trying to read at one point was, “go on mum!” and in the picture it had the mommy running a race. But instead of reading it he would say, “go run faster mommy”. It was a quite frustrating, not only for me, but for him as well since he did want to read and get it right. Well we persevered together and managed to read the entire book. When Kayden actually manages to focus on the words, he sounds out the difficult words very well and can recognize the simple words with out a problem. Well with reading out of the way (and a special snack to encourage him since he did try very hard and did quite well in the end) it was time for dinner. Mommy came home at 6:30, the kids were overjoyed of course as was I.

So that is basically how my day was today. More fun and challenges await me tomorrow.