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Sean is a banana addict. He will have banana anytime of the day. Well maybe that is not so uncommon. Bananas are sweet and are packed with good nutrients so we don’t mind giving it to him when he asks. I just wish he would like his regular meals just as much.

About the bird comic…

Sean has a very peculiar way of expressing his excitement. When he sees something pretty, when he hears something he likes, I should say whenever anything good happens to him he will wave his arms frantically up and down. What he is trying to accomplish is beyond me. Is he trying to fly? If so, where to? Maybe he is trying to get our attention…but that’s not right either. Even after he has the thing he wants he will still flap his hands.

It doesn’t matter. He is adorable and hilarious when he does it. I made a slight mistake in the comic. He usually has a very serious and concentrated face on as he stares intently at what he likes and flaps his arms. doesn’t smile, just flaps his arms. But for effect to show you what he is feeling inside I plastered that ginormous smile on his face. ha