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My sons love the ocean. We live less then a min walking distance from the beach and the kids play near it almost everyday.
It’s not a beach for swimming (which doesn’t matter at this time of year), but they can throw rocks at it and play the “run from the waves” game.

Yesterday we were at the beach, it was a lovely day, and Sean was throwing rocks in the ocean. He goes up to the ocean and waits for the wave to come to him. It is so hilarious to watch. He has this really intense face as he stands there with his rocks in hand, watching and waiting. Then when the waves are really close he unleashes his fury on the wave. Unfortunately for me, he can’t calculate how far the wave is going to go, so I had to keep scooping him up moments before the wave drenched his feet. I didn’t want to grab him to soon and cause him to miss throwing his rocks. So it was quite intense.

Kayden on the other hand runs up to the wave and waits so that he can run from it. He gets really close and then when the waves come crashing in he runs in a fit of silly giggles. On more then one occasion the waves have caught him (as you can see in the video above). But he usually doesn’t get caught and has such a ball doing it.

I have to try to shoot a better video next time. Sorry its so shaky from my laughter and trying to save Sean. better luck next time.

Enjoy the photos below too.