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It is amazing how popular 外人 (foreigner) children are among Japanese girls. Well maybe it isn’t actually that amazing. Japanese are some of the biggest lover of cute things. Almost anything famous on tv shows, snacks, toys, animes and games have something cute in them. Good example is anime. All the characters have ENORMOUS eyes. Huge…unreal eyes. Which is why Japanese girls love foreigner children. They love them almost as much as their Pikachu and Hello Kitty.

Like today a group of girls came flocking around Sean and Kayden screaming fawning, wanting to touch etc. Of course my sons love this attention and would start trying to do funny things to get their attention or to bring out another burst of squeals from the girls. Especially Kayden! My God but that boy is a flirt. Blowing kisses, running around then running up to them and posing. Sean just gives little shy smiles every now and then.

So if you are a foreigner with children and you are in Japan…BEWARE and be prepared.