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Just wanted to write a post about how my day was today.

Well I got up at 6:00 like I usually do, but this time since I knew it was going to be good weather I wanted to see the sun rise. I got to see the sun coming up and took some simple instagram photos with my ipad.

It was very beautiful and the diggy iPad camera can not capture the beauty. But you can get the idea a bit. That’s Mt.Fuji you see in the bottom photo there. Very nice.

So it was nice to be able to look at the sunrise, but I didn’t stay there long because it was freezing. Today was quite windy and the wind was really blowing cold air everywhere.

I did some work after that and took the kids from my wife a little earlier then usual (10:30). Today my wife had her first day of work as a teacher for a children’s English school so she had to go a little early.

So I got to teach Kayden a bit in the morning. We did some coloring and then we did some language arts.

Kayden has pretty much got sounding letters out pat, but we had a bit of trouble with our “m” and “n”. He got those mixed up a bit. When writing he had a little trouble with “b” and “d”, but other then that he did splendidly. With Kayden I have found that the best way for him to learn is to make up a story as you go along with his school. Like in his work book in the above picture it had a picture of a detective looking for who made such a mess in the room. I pretended I was the detective and I was questioning Kayden as to what had happened in the room and he would help me solve the riddle by writing out the words he needed.

Next we did some Japanese hiragana learning. He is still learning to recognize the shapes of each letter and remembering them on site. I drew little pictures on the letters to help him remember what the letter stood for. Then I pretended that he was a shop keeper and he needed to sell me the items that the letters stood for. I would ask for the item and he would have to choose the right paper for me. Then I reversed the paper and did the same thing a few times. It worked quite well and he managed to remember the letters well. There are 46 basic hiragana letters and we covered the first five today.

That concluded our morning school. Then it was time to go outside and play. Kayden and Sean got their bikes and we set off. On the way to the park we had to turn back as the wind was really cold and I had not brought Seans hat and scarf. I managed to find my sons scarf but had to substitute his hat with mine. It worked though and he looked adorable. Question is what will he not look adorable in?

We got home at around 12:30 ate lunch and Sean took a good nap.

While Sean took his nap it was time for Kayden to take a little shower. The reason was that while out playing he was riding his bike through some puddles. His training wheels got stuck while in the puddle which caused his back wheel to spin like crazy shooting muddy water up everywhere. Instead of stopping and getting off his bike, he continued to yell “help me”, while peddling furiously! So his hair had a lot of muddy water in it. Silly boy.

After he was all dried up we had time to do a bit more school. Kayden actually really likes school. I was quite pleasantly surprised. I told him we should try to get some school done while Sean was asleep and his answer was “YIPEE! I love school.” ha. I’m sure this is due to Mommy being an excellent teacher.

We did some more Japanese school. This time I had him write out the hiragana letter on this cool ipad app that I have.

Then we did our numbers in Japanese.

After Sean woke up we had a little snack and went out for more exercise. It was still quite cold, but since we were running around we weren’t effected by it much.

…  Ok, So I was effected by it. But only a little.

While at the park I took the whatever opportunity I could find to try and teach Sean some basic words and counting. Here are two videos I took with him.

You can really hear the wind blowing. Like I said it was really cold.

We got home and I was able to clean the room a bit as the kids watched a video. The kids were more then stellar all day long. It would have been a perfect day, but Sean had a little fit during his meal. Meal times with Sean is always a challenge. This time he didn’t resist his food, but was extremely impatient to have it given to him. I couldn’t even take a bite of my own food before my son would start wailing begging me to give him another bite. He was quite impatient which made for sad meal time.

But all’s well that ends well. After the meal he calmed down (like he always does…Why is he so cranky at meal times?) and we enjoyed a little night snack together. Mommy came back around 7:00 and the kids and I were overjoyed to see her again. And now they are fast asleep. Quite a day, but a fun and fulfilling one. But I sure am glad to have some quiet now and type up this post. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Goodnight.