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Today the city had a Tsunami preparation drill.

There were loud sirens and an announcement telling us what to do. Usually during the drill everyone is supposed to run to this big building that is nearby and climb to the roof. But this time we were supposed to listen to the alarm and discuss with the family what to do when we hear it. It was a good opportunity to talk to the children (actually just Kayden) about what to do in an emergency.

We told him if he hears the sirens and announcement he should…

  • step one: stay calm
  • step two: find mommy or daddy right away (though he is usually always with one of us)
  • step three: listen closely to what mommy and daddy are telling you and stay close. (I wonder if there is any other good points)

We haven’t given him other steps just yet, because he is young and during the run I will probably just pick him up and run to the big building. (Mommy will pick up Sean if she is there) We have all our important papers and money in one littl e bag that is easy to grab. The big building is just a three min walk away, which is about a min running while holding the kids.

Scary thought to run from a Tsunami, but it is very important to stay prepared and ready…especially since we can see the ocean from our house!!