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I love my time out doors with my children. For one thing, my sons won’t survive if they don’t go out (I’ll write a post someday about a day when it rains), the eldest has so much pent up energy it is amazing. And the younger just loves to quietly look around, enjoy the fresh air and play with dirt, rocks or some other little thing he can find. It’s funny, but Sean makes a bigger deal if he can’t go out then Kayden does. He will be incredibly unhappy if he doesn’t get to go out at least once a day.

Anyway this comic was inspired by a trip to the park a few days ago and shows just how different the two brothers are. Ever since he was young, Kayden always had to run around and shout and play. He is an Aquarius and jumps into his make believe world sometimes.

That day he was super man. Superman is something my younger brother told him about (My youngest brother is still 8 years old). They used to play together often and that was one of the things they would pretend to be. So he was superman and I was supposed to be his nemesis (of course) and we would run around playing tag and tickle etc. Kayden will run around the park almost non-stop. I have decided to start excising more just so I can keep up with him. ha!

Meanwhile Sean would run around with us for a little while, but soon contented himself with picking up dirt and sticking it in Kayden’s bicycle basket. He would do this over and over again. if at some point during our time out Kayden would jump on his bike and bike around, Sean would chase him with his fists full of dirt waiting for him to stop so he could deposit more dirt in there.

It was quite hilarious to see Kayden’s reaction at the end of our time at the park. He was really puzzled and didn’t know where all the dirt had come from. As I said before, sometimes Kayden gets really in his own world and he didn’t realize at all that his brother was constantly throwing dirt into his basket. haha

What I learned is…

Kayden sees the “bigger picture” in the sense that he takes in the whole park and uses all the space he has to run around and exert his energy. An example of that is he will run from the swing, to the slide, to the other side of the park and then to the rocks etc etc. He is so focused on the “big” running around that he doesn’t notice the little things sometimes, like sean throwing dirt into his bike.

Sean on the other hand focuses on small details like throwing dirt into the basket. As in the example I used with Kayden, Sean will only focus on one part of the park for a time. If he goes on the slide, he will stay on the slide for the next 15 to 20 min. Another time after it rained he just threw rocks into a puddle for the entire time out. I tried at one point to lead him away from the puddle to play with Kayden and I, but that really got him cranky.

Not that fascinating a topic for you all to read about maybe, but I found it really interesting to see the different sides of my children and wanted to share it with you all.