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So this is a exaggeration obviously, but since Sean is teething he is really really cranky at mealtimes. He is also very particular about how he eats. a bite of food and then a sip of water…or not. I like rice today, but tomorrow…? He is quite a puzzle.

I’m hoping that it is all because his teeth are coming in and that he will eat normally once this phase is over. fingers crossed.

Kayden on the other hand has trouble eating because he is so amused with what Sean is doing. If Sean turns his head angrily…fits of laughter from Kayden. If Sean takes his bib off and throws it on the floor…fits of laughter from Kayden. I’m working on teaching Kayden that he can’t laugh when Sean does these things because it encourages the bad behavior. “I can’t help it!” he says smiling back at me.